new release: Bubblr in Trouble HD (v0.80)

good news evryone!!

i just released bubblr in trouble HD on google play and OUYA (version 0.80).
this is a new version. the old version will not get updated any longer!

i worked really hard for this release:

– multi-resolution (SD, HD, full HD)
– totally new menus and user experience
– totally new grafix (thx to chris hildenbrand!: 2dgameartforprogrammers)
– new ingame-grafix and animations
– new zombie-monsters
– dual player mode for bluetooth controllers
– in app purchasing for dual player working on google play and OUYA
– new levels
– …. and lots more…

go and get it!

bubblr in
have fun!!


here is the new promo video:
bubblr @ youtube


new release: bubblr v0.75!

good news evryone!

i just pushed out a new release: bubblr v0.75!
i changed the player animations to fancy(!) skeletal animations and the ghost animations to mesh-animations.
this looks damn cool and brings bubblr to life!
thanks to awesome spine (

and i added a new music theme by the way.

have fun.


bubblr v0.70 released !

good news evryone!

i just released a new MAJOR milestone: bubblr v0.70!
The android version is already online. The OUYA version is in the submission process and will be online soon i hope.

i had about 3 hard months of refactoring. the whole basis of the game had to be refactored in order to make further
development possible. i fixed some of the old bugs and i added some fine new bugs that i even dont know myself 😉
i reduced some of the options by the way. you wont have fun playing without particleFX or lightFX anyway.
You wont notice most of the work that has been done…. but there are some nice new features for you, too:

android-version (google play):
– added dual mode (2-Players)
=> connect 1 or 2 bluetooth controllers and have fun!
– added jumping on bubble
=> now you can jump upon bubbles and solve some levels in an alternate way
– added onscreen analog joystick
=> this was a feature request: choose wether you want to use the on screen joystick or the accelerometer
– added config left/right for joystick/accelerometer
=> configure if you want to have the fire button on the right or on the left side
– jump high/low on 1 single button
=> no more 2 buttons for jumping!! now press the jump button longer for a higher jump
– added 1 NEW LEVEL
=> more levels next time… this version was not really about new levels

and some more technically aspects and reasons for the refactoring:
– fixed aspect ratio
=> this was a ToDo for a long time, glad i solved it
– enable/disable overscan for playing on your TV (this is an ouya-feature)
– fixed timestep for box2d
– optimized performance
Next to come
– Right now i am working on a new gameplay video. the old one is not up to date.
– more levels
– multi-resolution / HD grafix
– bone animation system an cooler animations

Please send me your feedback or questions!

bubblr v0.66 has been released!!

good news evryone!!!

bubblr 0.66 has been released on google play market and on the OUYA market.
i have been working on this release since march and it was a really hard time.
bubblr 0.66 is a MAJOR release…. these are the new features:

– added cool TWO PLAYER MODE !!
– TWO PLAYER CO-Operation
– TWO PLAYER deathmatch

OUYA & Android:
– should work with all controllers and bluetooth controllers (needs Android >= 3.0)
– added a controller configuration screen (note: onScreenStick is NOT working at the moment)
– added a SKIP LEVEL option
– multiple save-games
– and lots of other changes, improvements and bugfixes!

i hope you enjoy this release!
keep jumping!!

p.s.: the two player mode will come to google play, too… but first i have to implement the google IAP… and i guess there are only a few players that want to play with 2 external controllers on their mobile or tab…. so this has a low priority atm …. unless you send me messages 😉

…. so support the OUYA Team and buy an OUYA with 2 controllers!

bubblr crossed the 1.000 „active installations“

good news evryone!

today bubblr crossed the 1.000 „active installations“ (on 4.800 downloads). a good occasion to tell you that i am working really hard on the new major release v0.6.

bubblr v0.6 has lots of major changes in the backend and also some changes you will notice, like new languages (italian, spanish, polish) and some changes in gameplay and controlling.

i plan to get things straight at the weekend…. we will see 🙂

furthermore i already implemented lots of code to support the upcoming android console OUYA. playing bubblr on the OUYA with real console controllers will be real fun! i already made some early tests that seemed very promising… if you dont know OUYA then look here. its worth it!

so stay tuned! bubblr has a shiny future! 🙂


The scoring-system has been changed!

Hey folks!

i just changed the scoring-system of bubblr.

From now on there will be no penalty scores anymore!
i guess people dont like negative scores. that depresses. so i decided to give only positive bonus points for quick wins. if the level time is greater than the map-time limit -> nothing depressing happens 😉

so i also had to clean up the SWARM leaderboard to get rid of the negative scores.
I am very sorry for that but i guess no one is sad if his negative score gets deleted out of the world history 😉

last but not least: i decided to get back to work a bit more at bubblr than i did the last months.

so stay tuned for the next release!