bubblr crossed the 1.000 „active installations“

good news evryone!

today bubblr crossed the 1.000 „active installations“ (on 4.800 downloads). a good occasion to tell you that i am working really hard on the new major release v0.6.

bubblr v0.6 has lots of major changes in the backend and also some changes you will notice, like new languages (italian, spanish, polish) and some changes in gameplay and controlling.

i plan to get things straight at the weekend…. we will see 🙂

furthermore i already implemented lots of code to support the upcoming android console OUYA. playing bubblr on the OUYA with real console controllers will be real fun! i already made some early tests that seemed very promising… if you dont know OUYA then look here. its worth it!

so stay tuned! bubblr has a shiny future! 🙂



4 Kommentare zu “bubblr crossed the 1.000 „active installations“

  1. Andrew Perry sagt:

    Hi Phil – just checked out the Ouya version of bubblr. Pretty cool, but I have few suggestions for the controls that would make it easier.

    I’d much prefer to be able to move left and right with the D-pad, and the „O“ button used to jump (but _not_ up on the D-pad for jump, since if the D-pad isn’t well designed, like the circular D-pad on the dev console, you press up accidentially too easily). I would also suggest using „A“ or the right bumper (top right shoulder button, not the analog trigger) to blow bubbles. You can catch the SYSTEM button to pause and provide options for the sound/music toggling there.

    Keen to see how it progresses, it’s got the makings of a great console game.

  2. phil sagt:

    hey. thanks for the suggestion!
    i will take your ideas into account. the plan is that controllers shall be fully configurable in the near future. so stay tuned 😉

  3. Andrew Perry sagt:

    Just had a play of the new version – the control scheme is much better now. Great work !

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