bubblr – dummy in trouble (DEMO)

my first release is called „bubblr – dummy in trouble“ for android mobiles:

bubblr is a 2D arcade action game that will put your reaction skills to the test!

you control „dummy“, the crash test dummy, who gets attacked by monsters and has to defend himself and therefore needs your best reaction skills.
Dummy has a soap bubble-cannon and can bubble monsters. Furthermore dummy can use the weapons of the attackers and shoot fireballs or fire cannons.
dummy has to be quick to avoid that more monsters spawn into the area. dummy will get collectable items for neutralized Monsters and completed missions. Most of the items have points. You will get extra items if you neutralize multiple monsters with a single jump ( = hattrick) and if you „kiss“ a monster, which means to neutralize it on a very short distance ( = monsterkiss).
Hattricks and monsterkisses raise your rank (please enable Swarm for highscores and ranks).

Target & Hints:
Finish levels by neutralizing all monsters or reaching the exit (if the level has an exit).
Always try to complete the missions. This can be neccessary in order to be able to complete the levels.
If important items fall in unreachable areas you have to start over and try the level again.
Try to be quick, otherwise more monsters may join in.
Try to neutralize multiple monsters with a single jump into the bubbles (hattrick) or to neutralize on very short distance (monsterkiss).Beware for monsters that escaped out of bubbles, because they will get faster!

– Alien: walks and jumps, may shoot fireballs
– Ghosts: fly around, get neutralized by fireballs

– Bubbles: catch aliens, ghosts will be redirected
– cannons: neutralize only aliens, redirect ghosts
– fireballs: neutralize all monsters
– vertical Laser: neutralize all monsters

Special functions:
– Mine: don´t step on them 😉
– + 1 Life
– Super-Speed
– Super-Jump
– Immortality

Optimized for displays 800 x 480 and bigger. bubblr Might be unplayable on very small displays and low-end-devices
Bubblr needs touchscreen and accelerometer.

permissions needed:
1. Internet (for Admob, Swarm, Flurry, ACRA)
2. Read Phone State (for Swarm)
– Allows Swarm to prevent fraud and create a secure environment
(no personally identifiable information is used)
3. Access Network State (for Swarm)
– Allows Swarm to detect when a user is online or when the user’s connection has been lost.
4. Vibrate (for bubblr)

integrated third-party products:
1. Google Admob / AdWhirl for Advertisements (http://www.google.com/ads/admob)
shows ads in menuscreens

2. Swarm (http://swarmconnect.com)
Online leaderboards for Highscores and Achievements.
You can connect with your friends at Swarm and compare your bubblr-scores. If you are logged into swarm your

game-progress will be automatically saved to swarm. In case of a re-install you can restore your gameprogress.
Signup for Swarm is free of charge, but optional.

3. Flurry (http://www.flurry.com)
Generates reports about the usage of the app (for example in which country are how many active users)

4. ACRA for Crash-Reports (http://code.google.com/p/acra)
Sends crash-reports to heavily loaded games, so that we can fix the bugs.

bubblr uses these libraries:
1. LibGDX (http://libgdx.badlogicgames.com)
2. Box2D physics engine
3. Box2D Lights

*** bubblr is currently in BETA-Test-State ***
We appreciate every kind of feedback!

– More monsters, animations and levels
– Maybe your suggestions?


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