Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me! This information shall give you transparency about the usage of transmitted or collected data.

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. If you require any more information or have any questions about my disclosure, privacy or mobile policy, please feel free to contact me by email at

My games use integrated third-party-products:
1. Google Admob / AdWhirl for Advertisements (
shows ads in games

2. Swarm (
Online leaderboards for Highscores and Achievements. Players can connect with their friends at Swarm and compare scores.
If you are logged into swarm, your gameprogress will be automatically saved to a swarm-cloud-service. This enables you to restore your gameprogress after a re-install of the game.
Saving the gameprogress to swarm cloud-service for later restore does only save game-data and no personal information or data about the mobile phone.

3. Flurry (
Flurry is a tool that provides a statistical view of how users are interacting with the games. All information is provided in aggregated form, such as number of users per country. No personally identifying information is collected or displayed.
For more information about Flurry and its privacy policy, please go to

4. ACRA and BugSense for Crash-Reports (
ACRA is a crash recording tool that sends me a report any time one of my games crashes. This report contains information like the application version, the version of Android running on the phone, and the phone model, all of which helps me find and fix the bugs quickly. Once again, no personally identifying information is collected or displayed.
BugSense ( is a service that receives the ACRA-crash reports and helps me tracking the bugs to version numbers etc.
For more information about BugSense and its privacy policy, please go to

permissions needed on the mobile phone:

1. Internet (for Admob, Swarm, Flurry, ACRA)
2. Read Phone State (for Swarm)
– Allows Swarm to prevent fraud and create a secure environment
(no personally identifiable information is used)
3. Access Network State (for Swarm)
– Allows Swarm to detect when a user is online or when the user’s connection has been lost.
4. Vibrate (for gameplay)


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